Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Great UGA Quotes

I don't care where a man comes from or how he spells his name. All I ask is that he be loyal to Georgia, proud of that jersey, and try like the devil to win.
- Wally Butts

Every school needs an athletic director like Vince Dooley. His expertise and his vision and his judgment is unsurpassed by anyone I've ever known.
- Frank Broyles

I will never forget my playing days at Georgia. The Georgia fans are the best in college football, and it was always special to know that you would be playing before a full house every time you ran out on the field at Sanford Stadium.
- Boss Bailey

Bulldog fans are the best in college football, and you can feel the electricity every time there is a home game. When people ask me what is the key to my success, I always point to my days as a Georgia Bulldog and the support I received from the University.
- Hines Ward

I don't believe there is any better opportunity than to have the chance to become a Georgia Bulldog. Georgia is a great school with outstanding tradition in both athletics and academics.
- Herschel Walker

I never get tired of running. The ball ain't that heavy.
- Herschel Walker

It's simple, really. My time at Georgia was the best thing that ever happened to me. That's why I'm still here.
- Charley Trippi

I admired coach [Wally] Butts. He was the greatest coach I ever played for - college or pro.
- Joe Tereshinski Sr.

And the thing about Georgia is that it never leaves you, no matter where you go in life. Athens...the Arch...the history of Georgia - it's just part of the fiber that is me. Growing up in Athens and being a Bulldog is special. It is part of your soul.
- Fran Tarkenton

Playing at Georgia was both an honor and a privilege. Donning the Red and Black is a feeling I will never forget. There's nothing better than stepping onto the field in front of 85,000 screaming fans at Sanford Stadium.
- Marcus Stroud

The greatest offensive back in modern intercollegiate football - and your record book will prove it - was Frank Sinkwich of the University of Georgia.
- an undated magazine article from the 1950s

I'm from Ohio, but if I'd known when I was two what it was like down South, I would have crawled here on hands and knees.
- Frank Sinkwich

I have a son now and if I could send him to any school it would definitely be Georgia.
- Richard Seymour

I was looking for a name for our defense. A supporter said, 'Why don't you use Junkyard Dogs?' I didn't think it was original enough, but I couldn't think of anything better, so we went with it.
- Erk Russell

Being a part of Georgia is something I get to do every day - and I am very grateful for it.
- Mark Richt

... even though I was born in Pennsylvania, Athens and the University of Georgia will always feel like home.
- John Rauch

It has been the best four years of my life. I was blessed with the opportunity to wear the red and black for four years. It was an honor.
- David Pollack

Touchdown! My God, a touchdown! We threw it to Haynes with 5 seconds left! My God almighty, did you see what we did?! We just stomped on their face with a hob-nailed boot and broke their nose!!
- Larry Munson

It's amazing how you can continue to burst with pride every time you tell someone 'I was a Georgia Bulldog'.
- Adam Meadows

I'm Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, and when I die I'll be-by-God Bulldog dead.
- Lewis Grizzard

I'll always bleed red and black, there's no question about it. Anything I can do, I'll do it for Georgia.
- Bill Goldberg

The best all-purpose back of his era was Charley Trippi of Georgia. In his prime, he removed the ceiling of what one man could mean to a football team.
- Fred Russell

... there ain't a man alive who has more respect for Georgia than I do, and there will always be a place in my heart for Georgia.
- Pat Dye

Georgia has the excitement of big time college football. Playing for the Bulldogs helped me prepare for the many challenges I've encountered in the NFL. I loved my time at Georgia.
- Terrell Davis

One of the greatest feelings in my athletic career was putting on the Red and Black and running onto the field 'between the hedges'.
- Champ Bailey

I wear the G in honor of the history that has been made in Athens and the history that has yet to be created. It is an honor and I am very thankful to have an opportunity to play for the University of Georgia.
- Jeff Owens

It`s special to me to have been a part of this family, this brotherhood at Georgia. I have always felt like the coaching staff and my teammates have been in my corner, and I know I`ll always feel that way. It`s an honor for me to be associated with the University of Georgia.
- A.J. Green

I`m always talking about Georgia in the locker room and what a great experience I had there. I met a lot of players, students, and coaches who are now life-long friends during my time at UGA. I`d do it all again if I had the chance.
- Richard Seymour

Coach Richt always says he wants you to be a great person along with being a great player. He and the coaches helped mold me on and off the field. I'm proud to be a Bulldog.
- Matthew Stafford

My experience in Athens and at the University of Georgia was a great one. After I got to the NFL, I realized that the competitive practices, the games and the speed of the game at Georgia weren`t too different from the professional level, which speaks well of UGA.
- Asher Allen

When I was being recruited, I visited colleges and universities all over the country. Something immediately stuck out about Athens. Not only was the town what I was looking for to spend my college years, but the athletics and academics at UGA were second to none.
- Mohamed Massaquoi

I built relationships on and off the field while I was at Georgia that I know will last a lifetime. And no matter where I go, there are always Bulldogs around. That`s a good feeling and something that makes me always remember how proud I am to say I went to Georgia.
- Mohamed Massaquoi

Yeah Baby, BULLDOG NATION!!!! Broke off Much Foot in that Yella Jacket Ass!!
- Samuel L. Jackson

There is no place in the world precisely like the grass that grows between the hedges in Athens, Ga.
- Fran Tarkenton