Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26


In 2007, UGA was forced to do the unthinkable... start a FRESHMAN at the all-important left tackle position. Somehow, Georgia struck gold with a 4 star recruit from North Carolina, Trinton Sturdivant. Kid had a 4.1 GPA in high school and was student council president. Bright guy with an equally bright future, Sturdivant earned the starting left tackle job in fall camp 2007. He went on to be the cornerstone of an offensive line that helped lead Georgia to a #2 ranking in the final polls. and named him to their Freshman All-America teams and many started attaching 'Future Top 10 NFL Pick' to Sturdivant's name.

It's unfair and a huge struggle any time a player gets injured, especially with injuries that take away entire seasons. Unfortunately, no one knows more the impact of devastating injuries than Trinton Sturdivant. This past weekend in a closed scrimmage at UGA's spring practice, Sturdivant suffered his 3rd torn ACL. First it was the left knee in fall camp 2008. Trinton fought through surgery and rehab, and won back his starting left tackle role for the 2009 season. Then disaster in the season opener against Oklahoma State; the ACL in that same left knee tore again. Many thought that might end his career, but Trinton decided he wasn't finished. He, again, fought through surgery and rehab and played a big role in the Dawgs' 2010 season. He eventually won the starting left tackle role again, playing in 12 games, starting 7 of them. Big things were expected of Sturdivant this season, as many people thought he could gain back some of those elite NFL draft prospects with a solid 2011. Unfortunately, that will not happen.

I'm devastated for Trinton, but I do take solace (as I hope he does) that he is a smart person who will get a Finance degree from the acclaimed Terry College of Business at UGA. His NFL dreams may now be an extreme long shot (though I haven't yet heard official word his career is over, and I wouldn't count him out until he says he's out), but he is the type of DGD that will be successful in life no matter what course he chooses to take. His college career may have gone the way of David Pollack's and Robert Edwards's NFL careers, but he will always hold a special place in Dawg fans' hearts and memories. If for no other reason, who else could really pull this off???