Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Today's question: Who will be the offensive leaders be in terms of statistics?

Joe Cox will play most of the year because he's a leader and understands the offensive play book. Aaron Murray will see some playing time, but not enough to have better stats than Joe Cox.
Cox: Total Passing Yards - 2500 (Avg/Game ~ 200)

It's apparent that AJ Green will be the leader at wide receiver, but he may have a problem with Joe Cox because Cox can't throw the deep ball. I think that Marlon Brown and Tavarres King will be second on the team in receiving yards.
Green: Total Receiving Yards: 900 (Avg/Game ~ 94)

Running Back is probably the hardest position to predict because we have some good running backs. We've all heard about big plays from Carlton Thomas and Richard Samuel, but Samuel is the number 1 running back for a reason. He's been impressing the coaching staff. So, I'm going to predict that Samuel will have the better year out of all the RB. He did make some freshman mistakes last year with missed blocks and fumbled kickoff returns, but he should have learned from his mistakes.
Samuel: Total Rushing Yards: 950 (Avg/Game ~ 75)

The most obvious offensive statistical leaders will be from the quarterback, running back, or wide receiver. They are the arms and legs of every offense in the country. However, the heart and soul of a productive offense lies on the front line, where the big uglies create the true battles that allow a play to get past a single yard. Trinton Sturdivant may not impress anyone reading the box scores on Sunday but anyone who follows football on Saturday knows there is no offense without a good line in front of it. Sturdivant's huge frame will knock defenders off the line while his quick feet will help him get out of the box and establish a wall around Joe Cox's blindside. He should accumulate 21 pancakes and help anchor a balanced offensive attack with 1800 total rushing yards and 2800 passing yards. He'll also show no signs of lingering issues after successful knee surgery and rehab. After this season, most people will refer to him as just Sturdi.

I love these types of predictions and I do recognize that I am predicting some major contributions from new role players, some freshmen and RS freshmen. I would say that if Cox were to get injured Aaron Murray would be our starting quarterback, not Logan Gray. However, if Cox remains healthy, I expect to see Logan Gray play a few downs every other game or so. Regardless, these are my predicted stats for the season:
Passing -
  • Cox: 224/358 for 2790 yards 15 TD 8 INT
  • Gray: 15/30 for 180 yards 2 TD 2 INT
    Rushing - I see a lot of production with our improved O Line and stable of running backs.
  • Samuel: 160 for 725 yds 6 TD
  • Thomas: 95 for 600 yds 5 TD
  • King: 90 for 455 yds 2 TD
    Receiving - I predict solid contributions from freshman
  • Green 60 for 805 yds 6 TD
  • Moore 24 for 345 yds 2 TD
  • Brown 23 for 305 yds 2 TD
  • Thomas 24 for 300 yds 2 TD
  • Charles 18 for 190 yds 2 TD

    I'm going pretty status quo with this one. Joe Cox is way better than Cory Phillips, and even Phillips had some big passing days back in the day. Cox will lead the team in passing, throwing for something like 2,400 - 2,500 yards, 16 or 17 touchdowns and probably 7 or 8 interceptions. Not spectacular numbers, but certainly respectable; also, highly achievable considering the offensive line and the respect the running game will command. The other obvious answer is that AJ Green will lead the team in receiving. He draw double teams all year, so his numbers will be down but still more than solid. I'd say something like 45 catches for 850 yards and 9 touchdowns. Rounding out the top five in receiving (in order) will be Tavarres King, Aron White, Michael Moore and Carlton Thomas. Continuing to be boring, I'll go with Richard Samuel to lead the team in rushing. He is a very smart player who no doubt has the physical attributes to be a dominant back; it's just a matter of him putting it all together. He won't be a thousand yard back, but he'll be close. I'd say he reels off 950 yards and sticks it in the end zone 12 times. After Samuel, will be Thomas, then Caleb King.

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