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Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

At my age, new decades can become depressing. Or, it can be seen as a guiding light to something new; perhaps a moment of sage wisdom to have not only read about the great Georgia battles of old but also to have lived and watched them while hoping for a brighter future. Although I would classify myself as a life-long Georgia fan, with brief instances of Florida State fandom that I apologize every day over, my early days of Georgia football weren't as serious as they are today. In the 80's and 90's, I guess I was too young to remember who the greatest right tackle was in Athens. All I cared about was the win, or at least the memorable moments that made football players superheroes. As the new decade approached, I realized that I may not have the intellectual capacity to create a good All-Decade Team but I certainly have the age to compile one at the very least. However, while most writers are gauging each player by career, I decided to honor each player by his best season. Yes, most if not all of my selections are debatable and that's what I'm shooting for, but I know there are plenty of no-brainers on this list, too. So, as I'm basing my results on single seasons rather than a full career because I want to remember the brief moments that made each player a superhero. Along the way, I want you to remember what player made the biggest impact on his team during one particular season. So without further adieu, I give you the UGA All-Decade Single Season Team:

QB - Matthew Stafford: In 2008, Matthew Stafford went from 5-star bust to NFL talent. Although he showed improvement after the 2007 Tennessee loss and reeled off seven wins in a row to give UGA a no. 2 national ranking to finish the year, his 3459 yards, 25 tds, and 61% completion pct in 2008 were the more impressive numbers - as long as you close your eyes to the Alabama, Florida, and Georgia Tech losses, of course.
Apologies to David Greene. In 2004, Greene put up a senior season built around smart play and a winning attitude. With 2508 yards, 20 tds, and 4 ints, UGA finished the year 10-2. The only reason why he's not at the top is his abysmal performances against Tennessee and Auburn, which were top 5 games with high expectations.

RB - Knowshon Moreno: The best running back to come out of Athens since Garrison Hearst, Knowshon Moreno put up stellar numbers his redshirt freshman season (2007) with quickness, power, agility, and a will to win. But his 2008 numbers of 1400 yards and 16 tds led the way to All-SEC honors, 2nd Team All-American honors, a semifinalist for the Doak Walker Award, and a 10-3 season.
Apologies to Musa Smith. You cannot bypass the impact Musa Smith made in 2002. Near the end of the season, Musa pretty much kept the chains moving with an impressive offensive line and a powerful ability to break the first tackle. His 1324 yards and 8 touchdowns led UGA to an SEC Title but it was his 0 fumbles lost that made the biggest difference.

FB - Brannan Southerland: When Thomas Brown was lost for the season in 2006, Brannan Southerland became the goal line leader in route to 8 touchdowns. He also helped establish a running game with Kregg Lumpkin and Danny Ware by opening up lane after lane.
Apologies to Verron Haynes. Shaun Chapas may be the true fullback to apologize to but Verron Haynes will always be connected to the "Hobnailed Boot" play in 2001. Haynes rotated between fullback and tailback - always opening up or creating lanes.

WR - A.J. Green: During his freshman year, AJ Green became a superstar with 56 catches for 963 yards and 8 touchdowns. Arguably, the most gifted receiver to come out of UGA in years, Green consistently stepped up with leaping catches in double-coverage. His sophomore season would have been his best had a string of late injuries not cut his season short.
Apologies to Sean Bailey. 39-615-5 in 2007 doesn't do justice at how valuable he was to the Sugar Bowl champions. Although he didn't dominate every game, he always seemed to make the most important catch. His wiry frame and blazing speed allowed him to make great downfield catches in pressure situations.

LT - Jon Stinchcomb: A consistent offensive tackle for UGA, Stinchcomb's tenacity and willingness to succeed has not only catapulted him into a solid NFL starter, it also helped put an SEC trophy in Butts-Mehre in 2002.
Apologies to Trinton Sturdivant. If injuries hadn't cut his career short, Trinton may be the best lineman we've had this decade. I'm obviously giving him an honorable mention due to his ability and not his actual time on the field, but what I saw his freshman season was a future first rounder in the NFL.

LG - Max Jean-Gilles : First Team All-SEC and All-American selection in 2005, Max Jean-Gilles helped give DJ Shockley all the time in the world to throw the football. The best guard to come out of Georgia since possibly Guy McIntyre. He now starts for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Apologies to Cordy Glenn. In his short two-year career, Cordy Glenn has become a main staple on the offensive line. So far, he's been one of the bright spots on a young offensive line.

C - Nick Jones. A solid center for UGA. It's not often that a center is looked upon as a leader but his senior year was clearly the case. He rarely fumbled a snap, mastered the art of a quick snap when defenders were offsides, and simply kept blockers in front of him at all times. In 2006, he was named All-SEC 2nd Team, team's Most Valuable Player, and Team Captain.
Apologies to Ben Jones. He definitely became a force during the second-half of the 2009 season. His tenacity and never give up attitude reminds me of a certain undersized defensive end from five years earlier. It's really a tie between him and Nick Jones but when he told his running backs in the huddle to follow him to the end zone, I knew this guy was special.

RG - Russ Tanner: Although a three-starter mostly at center, Russ Tanner is simply too good to leave off the list. A member of the Academic All-American Team, Russ often showed his football brilliance with consistent play and aggressive blocking skills his senior year.
Apologies to Chester Adams. A bright spot for Georgia in 2006, Chester "Cheese" Adams started 11 games as a junior earning credit on an offensive line that only allowed 17 sacks, which was 2nd best in the SEC.

RT - Clint Boling: A three year starter with his senior year to go. Clint Boling has been one of the most consistent offensive lineman we've had in the past twenty years. In 2008, Boling was named First Team All-SEC and 2nd Team All-Sophomore.
Apologies to George Foster. In 2002, Foster helped UGA total 32 points per game in route to an SEC Title. He was selected to the Senior Bowl All-Star Game after paving holes for Musa Smith.

TE - Leonard Pope: In just two years, Leonard Pope totaled 1044yds and became the go-to guy during the 2005 SEC Championship Season. His 39 catches for 541 yards 4tds and 13.87 yds per catch revolved around his plays in keys moments in 2005. Because of his massive size, Pope was able to block well while being virtually unblockable during passing plays.
Apologies to Ben Watson. Watson had the arms of a Marvel Comics superhero and his two-year numbers were justifiably good, catching 54 passes for 665 yards and 5tds . His production at tight end picked up where Jermaine Wiggins and Randy McMichael left off, marking a consistent string of great tight ends to stop in Athens.

WR - Terrence Edwards. In 2002, Terrence Edwards was our go-to receiver. Take away the Florida drop, and you've got a receiver who was nearly flawless his senior year. With 50 catches for 1004 yards and 11 touchdowns, it's easy to see why he was on the best receivers to don a Georgia uniform.
Apologies to Mohammed Massaquoi. Reggie Brown should not be overlooked in this category either but MoMass' 2008 season of 58-920-8 was remarkable considering he was the no. 2 receiver. When opposing defenses began double-teaming AJ Green, Massaquoi picked up the pace in the passing game.

DE - David Pollack: A great Southern clich