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      This is the time of year when many sites revisit past recruiting classes to re-rank players and classes based on actual collegiate performance rather than high school hype (SI being one). I'm going to do the same for the recruiting class of 2005, but with a slight twist. As always, I'm going to put the UGA goggles on, and rate a player's overall contribution to the University of Georgia. I will use the 1 to 5 star scale where a 1-star is guy that had little to no contribution, and a 5-star is someone who played well on the field as well as represented himself and the university in a positive light. Click here to see this class as they were rated in 2005.

  1. Jeff Owens - Rock solid at DT, and a natural leader. 2009 looks a lot brighter because of his return.
  2. Mohamed Massaquoi - Career dipped a little in the middle, but he was a star athlete and one of the few great role models.
  3. CJ Byrd - Never quite lived up to his high school billing, but was a 2 year starter and another good guy.
  4. Antavious Coates - Never played because of injuries, but is a grad assistant and looks to have a bright coaching career. His impact wasn't in tackles and interceptions, but was, and continues to be felt nonetheless.
  5. Bryan Evans - Looked to be a star after a solid sophomore season, but hasn't quite been able to replicate that level of success since. Solid contributor.
  6. Marcus Washington - Has contributed well at a position where he's competing with superior athletes.
  7. Mike Moore - Would have been a 2-star had he not really come on late last season. With the season many are expecting in 2009, he could end up a 4-star on this list.
  8. Rod Battle - Solid, yet unspectacular. Battle has seemed to be on the cusp of greatness for 4 years. Hopefully 09 is his breakout year.
  9. Tripp Chandler - I struggled with Tripp because he is a good guy and a 2 year starter. I just can't get all those drops out of my mind.
  10. Darius Dewberry - Providing depth and special teams help isn't what we expected from Dew.
  11. Joe Cox - I know this seems harsh, but, fact is, he's never played anything but mop up minutes. I would predict him to be a 4-star after this season. I think Cox will lead this team to a very good season.
  12. Kade Weston - Solid DT, but has never been able to crack the starting lineup (aside from injuries to starters).
  13. Brandon Sesay - Never made it to Athens because of academics. Was a solid contributor for Texas Tech though.
  14. Corey Moon - Also never made it to Athens because of academics.
  15. Donovan Baldwin - Kicked off the team in 2008 because he couldn't stay out of trouble. Never contributed on the field.
  16. Ian Smith - Established a record of drinking problems and left the team before the 2007 season.
  17. Tavares Kearney - Probably the most disappointing guy on this list. He looked to potentially become a perennial All-SEC when he got to Athens. Then in his first semester on campus, he was accused of cheating on a test and got into an altercation with the teacher. TKO was gone before the 2005 season even started.