Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Today's question: What will Georgia's pre-bowl game record be? Who will we lose to, and which bowl game will we go to?

The question of the day is a tough one. What will our final record be this season? As of right now, CFN has us going 10-2 and 6-2 in the conference. They have us losing to TN and FL, but I don't agree with this. We won't lose to TN. I strongly believe that we will go 7-1 in the conference and 11-1 overall. Our only loss will be to the Florida GaTERDS, because they are practically an NFL team. A record of 11-1 should put us in a BCS Bowl, but I don't think it will. I think Alabama or Ole Miss will go 12-0 and they will play Florida in the SEC Championship game. The loser will go to the Sugar Bowl and the winner will go to the Fedex Championship game in Pasadena. We will end up in the Capital One Bowl again this year.

Oklahoma State: Georgia makes an early season statement in front of a nationally televised audience and pulls off what will seem to be a nationwide upset but to the locals it was practically a guarantee: 34-24. Just as T. Boone's hedge funds for OSU Athletics continue to fall, so do the Cowboys high expectations after this one. (1-0)
South Carolina: Riding high off a top 10 win, the Dawgs struggle in this game as they normally do but find a late heroic run from Richard Samuel to seal the game and win the home opener 20-17. Put some starchgard on that visor, Coach Spurrier. (2-0)
Arkansas: Although a disagreement ensued yesterday as to whether or not this game was the most pivotal - an elementary prediction that compromised both friendship and credibility, and caused Nate to repeat Coach Gundy's famous speech from a few years ago out of desperation and humiliation at a local Bogey's later that night due to two million hits that occurred on his website just seconds after his seriocomical statement ("I'm a man, I'm 28, come after me if you don't like the Arkansas game as most pivotal..." - it was sad), I have been saying for months that I don't like this game for two reasons: 1) We're 2-0 against two very good teams and a combination of riding high on confidence and being a little banged up is a recipe for disaster, and 2) Petrino is circling this game as his coming out party with Ryan Mallet in front of a hostile Fayetteville crowd. He'll put everything into this game in an effort to gain relevance again and to please the fan base that will be impatiently watching. I think the Dawgs will overlook this one and get hogtied as it stands as the perfect trap game in a very tough schedule. Hogs win 28-27 and Petrino makes a snide Arthur Blank remark to Erin Andrews saying he always shopped at Lowe's anyway. You roundabout, you! (2-1)
Arizona State: ASU has way too many question marks this year to compete in Athens. Oh, they'll show up, so will Phil Mickelson since he'll be at East Lake for the Tour Championship but he may be wearing a UGA hat like last year instead of his alma mater as the Dawgs rebound from the Arkansas loss by a 31-17 victory over the Sun Devils. (3-1).
LSU: Yes, LSU will return a great defense as they always do but they have more question marks than the Dawgs overall. I think Georgia has more weapons on offense and a better line on both sides of the ball. No letdown in this one since the Dawgs know this is the perfect game to get back in the national limelight. Georgia wins 28-24 and Les Miles declares that "Georgia has a D@MN strong team." I love that moronic phrase, it never gets old! (4-1)
Tennessee: Neyland Stadium has always been a hostile environment to play in. 108K tacky-colored fans can give even Ray Charles a stigmatism. As the meat of Georgia's schedule will be in full-bloom so are the emotional letdowns that will come with it. I can't explain it but every time Georgia beats LSU, they lose the next game (check 2002, 2005, and 2008 for details). The trend will continue as Tennessee really has more talent than everyone thinks and Lane Kiffin will be desperate to give the Volunteer boosters a win after being humiliated by Florida a few weeks earlier. It's hard to say this but the Vols pull off a big win to start the Lame Kitten era and win 18-14. Georgia gets no calls in the game and run out of lifelines in the end. Oh, and this has nothing to do with the game but I do want to say that Coach Kiffin's wife is extremely hot! (4-2)
Vanderbilt: 30K calm Biochemistry majors playing Hex during the game and offering watercress tea sandwiches to the visiting fans as long as you studiously listen to their recent abroad trip to study Russian Literature and provide vaccines to high-burden tuberculosis countries can intimidate any team. Seriously, it won't be a hostile environment but how many times will the Commodores continue to play us tough year after year? Don't know, but Vandy will be competitive again this season and could possibly pull off the upset. Not so fast double-majors! The Dawgs pull themselves together in the second half and win 24-14. A bifocaled 'Dore fan repeats a John Nash quote to Vince Vance, "I'm terrified, petrified, mortified, you." Then runs to the library - the only safe haven he knows. (5-2)
Florida: Lose 34-17, moving along quickly...(5-3)
Tennessee Tech: Great, a chance to redeem ourselves against Tennessee. Lane Kiffin will be riding high off his victory against the Dawgs from a few weeks ago. After smoking Cubans, collaborating with Lil' Wayne in a video, and working on his golf game, Georgia will come out and ....what? Tennessee Tech? This isn't Tennessee? Oh, I've said too much then. 48-13 Dawgs. (6-3)
Auburn: Is it just Gene Chik or do the kids like to say Chizik? I'm not sure but just like I'm confused about his last name, I'm equally confused as to why he became the heir apparent to one of the winningest coaches in Auburn history: Tommy Tuberville. Chizik's wizinning percentage at Iowa Stizate was abizmal and I can't imagine him being sizcceful with the Tigizers. I'm struggling here but you get the point. Auburn will be rebuilding this year and Georgia will make it four in a row: 26-17. (7-thrizee)
Kentucky: No program with a coach named Joker is going to beat the Dawgs. Maybe Flip, Slappy, or Jimbo but definitely not Joker. Kentucky will have the best corner in the conference and a few other defensive players that will help make Kentucky once again a competitive team. However, this is a 60 minute ballgame and eventually the depth will wear on them. Expect Georgia to pull away in the second half and win 31-21. (8-3)
Georgia Tech: Paul Johnson is Georgia Tech's new Angel in a Centerfold. He can do no wrong after bringing the Yellow Jackets their first win over Georgia in seven years. His brilliant play-calling in the second half led to the Georgia missed tackles (yea right!). Sweep left, sweep right, back to sweep left...CURVEBALL! Again, Georgia beat themselves last year and Tech played a very small role in that loss. Won't happen this year as Paul Johnson's one-dimensional offense is going to hit a wall this season. Don't believe me? Watch their bowl game with LSU. Expect a duplication by three ACC teams and UGA this year. This is a lemon squeezy type of game: 38-18. (9-3)
Capital One Bowl: This bowl game will be a far-cry from where most of the so-called media pundits put us in August. The depth and talent of the Georgia program will always keep giving this team 10+ wins a year. And, Georgia fans should expect nothing less. Iowa will come into this game as the third best team in the Big 10 and will play like the second best team on the field that day. Even though Iowa usually plays very well in bowl games, Georgia normally plays better. Look for Joe Cox to come out a hero with early preseason expectations beginning again in Athens on Jan. 2. Georgia over Iowa 24-16. Glory, Glory...(10-3)

I want to say 13 - 0: SEC Champs & in the National Championship Game. I want to believe 12 -1: SEC Champs & in the National Championship Game. I'm expecting to be 11 - 2: SEC Champs (Sugar Bowl). Realistically and considering all factors: 10 - 3 (Capital One Bowl (again)). I'd be disappointed with 9 - 4 or worse (Outback Bowl).

I don't see the 2009 Dawgs running the table (though I desperately hope they prove me wrong), but then again I don't see them limping to a crappy bowl game either. The schedule is littered with landmines that could potential compound themselves into a disaster or propel us to national prominence. I believe UGA will navigate the regular season to the tune of 9-3. I think we'll lose to Florida (but UF won't cover) in Jacksonville and to LSU at home. We'll be focused for LSU and I don't think they're better than us, but coming off that extremely tough 4 game start to the season, I just don't think our legs will be fresh enough to get it done. The third loss comes from either South Carolina or Arkansas, and for now, I'll say it happens in Fayetteville. I think we sweep the incredibly difficult non-conference slate, but unfortunately goals will have to be adjusted early on because I don't think we'll be much of factor in the SEC race. Depending on how the SEC West shakes out, we'll land in either the Capital One Bowl or the Outback Bowl. I'll say the SEC gets 2 teams into the BCS which means the trickle down effect places Georgia in the Capital One with a chance to once again hit that 10-win mark. It'll be a successful season considering preseason expectations and getting to 10 wins, but, at the same time, disappointing because of the lack of real challenge for the SEC crown.