Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

     Seems a lot of people are publishing their "All-Time Favorite Dawgs" lists right now, so I guess I'll go ahead and toss my opinion out there. Instead of simply following suit, my list will look a little different. You're not going to see Herschel Walker on my list, but stick with me for a minute so I can explain. I was born in 1980, so I never saw Herschel play live. Sure I've seen highlights and old game tape, but I never had the privilege of sitting in Sanford when 34 was toting the rock. My "favorite" dawgs are those guys that I grew up with and helped make me the fan I am today. Stats, honors and championships are immensely important parts of the game, but, in this discussion, they play a backseat to goose-bumps, high-fives and memories. So I've put together my all-time favorites with apologies to legends like Sinkwich, Trippi, Tarkenton, Belue, Rauch, Woerner, Scott and of course Walker.
     I'm going to rank a personal top 5, but there are so many guys that are worthy of consideration. Some because of their stellar careers that I enjoyed watching: Boss Bailey, Tony Gilbert, Matt Stafford, Matt and Jon Stinchcomb, Robert Edwards, Mike Bobo, Richard Seymour, Marcus Stroud, Randy McMichael, Ben Watson, Mohamed Massaquoi, Reggie Brown, Terrence Edwards, Randall Godfrey and Will Witherspoon. Some because of the moments of pure elation they provided: Verron Haynes, Michael Johnson and Corey Allen. Then there are 4 that just narrowly missed the top 5: Hines Ward, Champ Bailey, Eric Zeier and Kirby Smart. Okay, the elephant in the room here is Smart, but he was just one of those blue-collar guys that stuck out to me. When I was in high school I remember watching him and just really identifying with his style of play and it definitely stuck with me. Ward, Bailey and Zeier are big reasons why I'm such a fan today, and I loved watching them play. Two other guys that I have to mention before getting to the top 5 are Rennie Curran and Jeff Owens. These two guys aren't finished yet, but both bleed red and black and have become big favorites of mine. Maybe they make their way onto the list in the near future.

Counting down to my favorite...
    5. Thomas Davis
      There was nothing like witnessing in person the damage TD could inflict. What he lacked in pass coverage he more than made up for in highlight-reel hits and an instinct for making plays.

    4. Knowshon Moreno
      I'm not sure I've ever seen a player more fun to watch than Moreno. In only two seasons, my jaw hit the floor more watching him than ever before. I wish he'd stayed longer, but I do understand his situation. His full page ad in the Athens newspaper thanking Georgia fans was one of the coolest things I've ever seen from an exiting player.

    3. Garrison Hearst
      Hearst is the player that originally got me hooked on UGA football. My parents are UGA alumni and fans, so I'd grown up watching Georgia. But Hearst was the first guy that I distinctly remember being passionate about. I was all over the Hearst for Heisman campaign and still remember watching the show when they called out Gino Torretta's name. What a joke!

    2. David Greene
      Greene's career began in the latter half of my college experience, so I got to see in person his rise to becoming D1's all-time winningest quarterback. His calm under pressure provided memories I'll relish my entire life.

    1. David Pollack
      If you watched Pollack play I don't need to explain. If you didn't, think about it like this: a lightly recruited fullback transitions to an undersized defensive end who emerges into a 3 time All-American and first round NFL draft pick by having a nose for making unbelievable plays and playing with an intensity and competitive fire that no one else on the field could hope to match.