Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Going to Knoxville is never as easy experience. Although it seems like forever, it really has been a short period of disappointing seasons for the Volunteers. Anyone my age still knows what it's like to witness defeat every year from the likes of these guys. If you don't believe me, just look at the scores from the 90's. Tennessee sat on a perch all its own and as much I have enjoyed seeing Georgia settle the score this decade, I know it's only temporary before the echoes of Rocky Top are ringing in the ears of every citizen within a 300 miles radius of Neyland Stadium. Based on the way Tennesse has played in 2009, I was beginning to feel more comfortable about a Georgia road win until I heard about the injury bug.

Four key players for the Dawgs will not make play on Saturday and that could be the equalizer in this game. Caleb King, Tavarres King, Marcus Dowtin, and Akeem Dent's absence will be felt heavily in Knoxville this weekend, and the game may possibly turn in the Vols favor, as a result. Not only are they favored to win by 1 on Saturday, but Tennessee has a good enough defense to keep a game close for 60 minutes. Losing four players of this caliber will make our depth chart thin and that will become an issue if the game is close like last week. For all of the underachievements, bad plays, and miscues, all four of these players have done very positive things for this year's team. Losing these players for this weekend's game against 110 thousand fans, could be another crushing defeat for the Dawgs. I'm hoping Georgia will hunker down in this one and get the victory. If not, Georgia fans will know the words to Rocky Top by the end of the game.