Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

     Wow. I don't think I've ever had less of an idea of what to expect heading into a game. I mean, I've definitely been way wrong before (see two weeks ago for instance), but I've at least always had some ideas about how I thought it would play out. Georgia has looked like two completely different teams through the first two weeks, and Arkansas has yet to even start playing (seriously, Missouri State doesn't count as any more than a scrimmage). Well, here's what I think I think.

     Naturally, as a UGA fan, I'm thinking UGA pulls out the victory Saturday night. They've yet to really show it, but I still think our offensive line is as solid as it gets. Samuel showed much better balance last week, so I'm still hoping for better and better things from him. Caleb's return should definitely help, and I'd still like to see a few more touches for Thomas. I really am a Joe Cox fan, but I'm REALLY hoping to see Logan Gray get a full series at least. I'd also like to see a couple looks with Branden Smith running the wildcat. There's no doubt that our running game has been a disappointment through the first two games (though yardage stats from last week are certainly skewed by the fantastic return game), but I think we rectify that this week. AJ Green will still get the touches he absolutely has to have, and Cox will still throw the ball around 25 times, but I think we win this game with the ground game. We will need to eat clock to keep the ball away from Mallett.

     I'd say most people in Georgia probably don't think too much of Bobby Petrino, but you can't really say the guy's not a good offensive coach. With a prototype quarterback in Mallett at the helm, the Arkansas offense looks to be a tough matchup for the UGA defense. My hope/expectation is that Justin Houston will come in with a lot of pent up energy and really make a difference in this game. We pressured Garcia last week, but he was able to step up in the pocket easily and pick us apart. Mallett is much less mobile than Garcia, so hopefully we'll do a better job collapsing the pocket and forcing him into some bad decisions. To win this game, we will absolutely have to pressure Mallett and turn the ball over. We need to be +2 in turnovers to get the W.

     I think we'll hold on and leave Fayetteville with a, closer than it looks, 27-17 victory. Cox will be sharp, but the reason we win is Samuel and King will combine for 150 yards on the ground and a late TD to ice the game. Green will get his 5 catches for 80+ yards, but Orson Charles and Tavarres King will both have nice games, hitting big gains and moving the chains.