Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26


Aaron Murray has a BIG decision ahead of him. Will he forego his senior season in Athens and try his hand in the NFL, or will he stay with the Dawgs and give the SEC and National titles 1 more shot? Honestly, I can't blame him either way. As a high school aged Dawg fan, I remember being devastated and astonished that Champ Bailey could dare pass up another year playing between the hedges. As an adult with a family, a mortgage and responsibilities, my perspective is a bit different. I mean, sure, I'd have given anything for the opportunity to put on the silver britches and trot out between the hedges, but even I can understand and appreciate the opportunity to take care of your family financially for generations. Also, Murray's case reminds me a lot of Rennie Curran. Curran went pro early because he said his only major knock from the draft experts was his height. Since he isn't going to grow anymore, there's nothing he can do to improve his stock.

Having said all that, my personal opinion is that Murray will return for his senior season. He said last night on GameDay that he's received a 2nd/3rd round grade. No matter what kind of season he has as a senior, I don't think he will grade higher than the 2nd round; however, a late 2nd to 3rd round contract isn't going to guarantee life altering, generational type money either. So, below I've laid out a pros and cons list to help Aaron make his decision (should he so choose to seek my counsel).

To Stay To Go

§ Championships! (2 SEC Champ game losses and 5 yards away from playing in MNC)

§ 2nd/3rd round money is certainly good money to you and me, but not huge. With insurance and family financial stability, not sure it's worth it. Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick last year and got less than $1.6M over 3 years with a little over $600,000 signing bonus.

§ Maybe an even weaker 2014 QB Draft class (Logan Thomas, Teddy Bridgewater, AJ McCarron, Zach Mettenberger, Tajh Boyd)

§ Erase the continued perception that he can't handle the big games

§ Pursue the Heisman Trophy

§ Rewrite UGA record book and chase SEC records

§ Make sure he has insurance, and you can't play this game scared of getting injured!

§ He loves the college life. You only get this time in your life once and he is certainly the BMOC.

§ Getting back to Atlanta could be tough with all the losses on defense

§ Get paid! Brock Osweiler was a 2nd round pick last year and got $3.1M over 4 years with about $1M signing bonus.

§ Weak 2013 QB Draft class (Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray, Mike Glennon, Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Landry Jones, EJ Manuel)

§ Proved that he is capable of stepping up in big spots by his play against Alabama and Nebraska

§ Todd Gurley is the more likely Heisman candidate

§ Already holds many UGA passing records

§ Risk of injury and he's not going to get any taller!

§ College is nice but he has his degree and he can be a BMIP (Big man in the Pros)!

So, I've said I think he stays. What do you think? To stay or to go... that is the question. CBS thinks he'd be the best of the bunch in 2014.