Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26


Does this college football season seem strange to anyone else? I know that the rankings fluctuate every year as teams win and lose, but, from week to week, it is usually easy enough to put together a top 10, 15 or even 25. This year seems to be very odd to me. There are 5 or 6 teams that are obviously the best teams in the nation right now: USC, Texas, Virginia Tech, LSU, Florida, Georgia and maybe Florida State. (Pay close attention to the qualifier "right now" in the previous sentence. I do not believe that Florida or Florida State will remain in this echelon for the entire season.) Outside of those teams, I'm having a hard time coming up with my weekly top ten. The rest of the contenders have, in my mind, serious enough questions that I have a really hard time dubbing them a "top 10" team.

Ohio State. The Buckeyes are very talented and played well enough to win in the week one showdown with Texas. My big problem with these guys is the quarterback situation. I fully recognize that you don't have to have a top quarterback to win championships; however, you do have to have a quarterback that is competent enough not to lose games. My mental jury is still out for Ohio State.

Tennessee. See the Ohio State argument. Plus, I really hate the Volunqueers.

Miami. Ditto.

Michigan. I wouldn't be surprised to see Michigan climb back into that top tier of teams. Henne may be suffering the dreaded sophomore slump, but Hart, Grady and Breaston are playmakers. This may sound contradictory, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose to Ohio State later in the year (provided, of course, that the Buckeyes figure out something at quarterback).

Purdue. I'm not drinking this kool-aid. The Big Ten sucks and Purdue is going to have to beat someone of consequence to convince me they are worthy. If they get through at Minnesota, Notre Dame and Iowa, I'll consider them, but Notre Dame and Iowa don't look so tough anymore.

Louisville. Impressive performance this past weekend, but Kentucky (SEC doormat) almost came back and won in week one. I'm not sure they crack my top ten even if they go undefeated. When the toughest team on your schedule is a toss up between Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia, you don't really have a leg to stand on.
Okay enough bad-mouthing, here's my weekly top ten:

Week 3:

1. USC (2-0) - Arkansas is certainly NOT a mid-range SEC team this year, but 70 is still impressive.

2. Texas (3-0) - Still don't think any other team can legitimately lay claim to this spot right now.

3. Virginia Tech (3-0) - This causes me great pain, but ..... go Jackets; THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

4. LSU (1-0) - Will Tennessee rebound? I don't think so. LSU, 24-10.

5. Florida (3-0) - No Andre Caldwell, No Top Five Finish. Gaturds lose at Bama October 1st.

6. Georgia (3-0) - Let's not get hurt this weekend, and hopefully prove we belong here with a win in Knoxville on the 8th.

7. Florida State (3-0) - The Noles are not this good, but who goes ahead of them?? The defense is incredible, but the offense makes this a 2-3 loss team.

8. Ohio State (2-1) - See above comments. They back into this spot.

9. Michigan (2-1) - Notre Dame loss hurts, but there is still a lot of talent on this team. Top 10 worthy? Not really, but, again, who's better??

10. Alabama (3-0) - Throwing an SEC team a bone, here. The win in Columbia is not the "signature" win that I've heard people call it, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Tide in Atlanta in December. The defense is too good, and they can pound the rock with the best.