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With only the bowl game remaining in the 2011 season, recruiting is really starting to heat up. Make sure you're checking out Socrates's updates on Leather Helmet Blog. You won't get any better UGA recruiting information anywhere. With recruiting heating up, Kingjamez has picked back up with his detailed prospect evaluations. Today he's reviewed 2012 prospect Jordan Jenkins. Jenkin's recruitment has been very intriguing, to say the least. Gator insiders think he's a Gator-lock (some even intimating that he's already commited). Bama has a big-time booster there in Harris County that makes the Bammers think they've got him in the bag. Auburn thinks they're always the leader for anyone who mentions the War Eagle, and many UGA insiders feel that Grantham will be able to sell Jenkins on Athens. Jenkins has set January 9th as his decision day, so I guess we'll all just have to wait to find out then! As always, big thanks to Kingjamez, and it sounds like he's already working on his next recruit, Will Redmond!

Jordan JenkinsJordan Jenkins
Harris County High School
6`3 245 lbs
40 time: 4.7 sec

Size / Length Pass coverage
Strength Pass rushing moves
Tenacity True position
First step
Hitting ability

The first thing that stands out is how well physically developed Jenkins is; he is a very thick 245 pounds, and he may actually be a shade under that weight -- look for him to play at about 255 or so, I don`t see him putting on a lot more weight. He`s also got very long arms. Jenkins is a phenomenal athlete when he`s rushing the passer and he has an excellent first step off the edge. At this point, he`s a little raw with his moves but he certainly has the strength and first step to be a monster off the edge at the next level. He`s a bit one dimensional now, as a defensive player, and I do not think he`s ready to be a full time OLB in the 3-4; I would expect him to be a pass rushing specialist early in his career. He`s got a long way to go adjusting to playing in space as an OLB plus he`ll be asked to bump and play coverage as well - which definitely needs work. Good news is, he did get some work at that position during his senior season at Harris County. I see Jenkins more as a 4-3 DE based on his potential size and current skill set but his pass rushing skills could be dynamic in the 3-4 if he develops a little more. For a guy of his athletic caliber, especially at the high school level, he has surprisingly good discipline and anticipation. Once Jenkins reads the play, he hits like an absolute truck and he`s one of the few guys that you really say, `Wow,` whenever he makes a tackle. Overall, I see Jenkins as a top 5 prospect in the state and an immediate rush specialist right when he steps onto his future campus.

Best case scenario: LaMarr Woodley of the Pittsburgh Steelers

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