Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Today's question: Which game will be the most pivotal to a successful 2009 season for the Dawgs? Sub-question: Which game do you want to win most on a personal level?

The most pivotal game of the season is the first game against Oklahoma State. I would usually pick a team in the SEC, but this is just too big to overlook. This game will set the tone for the entire season. The last I heard Oklahoma State was a 5.5 point favorite, they are ranked 9th in the country, the game is in Stillwater, it's a Big 12 opponent, and their coach is one cocky SOB. If Georgia can pull the upset, then it will solidify the team and more importantly it will give them confidence for the first SEC test against South Carolina. I do believe that OSU is overrated, but this is a nationally televised game and it should give UGA the respect that they deserve if they get a victory in Stillwater.
There are two teams that I want to really beat this year: Florida Gators and Georgia Tech. These two games are obvious, because all true UGA fans hate Florida and Georgia Tech is our in state rival. The game against Tech last year still hurts, because we just gave it to them with poor tackling and mental miscues. Now, every Tech fan expects to beat us every year that Paul Johnson is their head coach. Well, we need to put a stop to that this year! I just hope Reshad Jones won't make the same mistake twice. Florida may be the best team in the country, but I would never count us out. Tebow may break a leg or something, before they play us. It's a long shot to win and we will be double digit underdogs, but on a good note we are off the weekend before the Florida game. Let's just pray for a miracle.

Oklahoma State - this is a must-win game because it will say a lot about the psyche of the team. A big win in Stillwater should give them the momentum to become major players in the SEC race. Joe Cox needs this game for obvious reasons while the defense needs to prove they have the talent to shut down one of the most formidable offenses in the country. Right now, they have nothing to lose but a win of this magnitude will give them the confidence that they can win on any given Saturday.
Georgia Tech - It's hard to pick two nonconference games but UGA can't afford to lose two in a row to Georgia Tech or the intrastate power shifts from Athens to Techwood. Losing to Tech doesn't mean Georgia Tech has improved. It means Georgia has taken a step back no matter how many good recruits we have. Plus, a loss to Georgia Tech usually mean going from a BCS game to the Outback Bowl. I'm not saying UGA will be BCS bound, although I'm hoping they will, but normally this series is the exclamation point on an average season or a great season. I have a feeling this game will have a ton on the line for both teams so it's very important to take back the series for the sake of the Georgia program.

The most pivotal game is the first game, OSU. What a statement it would make to the nation - "We didn't go anywhere". Of course the pivotal game changes each week, but starting out, OSU is it.
Most wanted: Ga Tech. I have over 20 extended family members that went to Ga tech. I can't lose this game. We could go 1-11, and as long as we beat Tech I'd be satisfied.

To me, the most pivotal game of the season will be the Arkansas game. Arkansas is flying a bit under the radar, but they will be a very dangerous team. Petrino may be s scumbag in life, but he's a heck of a coach, and we have to travel to Fayetteville. I want to think we start the season 2-0, but the realist in me says we most likely split the first two games between Oklahoma State and South Carolina. That means that the Arkansas game could be the difference between starting 2-1 and 1-2. Those are worlds apart and would likely make a vast difference to a young team in need of quickly building some confidence. Not to mention that a loss to South Carolina the week before could mean a 0-2 start in conference which would certainly eliminate any chance of making it to Atlanta in December. As for the game I personally want the most, that has to be Georgia Tech. We've OWNED Tech this decade, we lose 1 close game and all I see everywhere are comments from bees fans thinking they are suddenly going to dominate Georgia. I haven't wanted to blast the bees this bad since Jasper's phantom fumble. This game will also go long way in ensuring that UGA continues to get the best high school football talent that the state has to offer.