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Today's question: Which Freshmen will play and which will Redshirt?

I'm not going to go down the entire 2009 recruit list, but I am going to point out the big recruits at key positions. First, let's start at the most questioned position, which is Quarterback. The ole rumor mill has Logan Gray projected as the backup quarterback, so that doesn't look good for incoming freshman Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger, but I have heard that both freshman have looked good in practice. I'm going to say that both quarterbacks will be redshirted, but it won't surprise me if Murray sees some playing time. Wide Receiver Marlon Brown will definitely see some playing time as a true freshman. He is an absolute stud and should see some time behind AJ Green and Tavarres King. The other big wide receiver recruit Rantavious Wooten has caught the coaches' eyes in practice and may see some playing time also, but I predict he will redshirt. Tight End Orson Charles is a huge recruit from FL and has the speed to play wide receiver. He reminds me of Tony Gonzalez, so on that note I think he will definitely play. I think we will hear a lot of "Cox to Charles" this season. We might even see a glimpse of the future with "Murray to Charles". The other key position is defensive backs and Coach Richt was able to get a gem in Branden Smith. He has the speed of Asher Allen and the ability to play like Champ Bailey. Smith should see a lot of playing time this year. Finally, the last key position is running back and the only incoming freshman is Washaun Ealey. Ealey will redshirt because there are 3 good backs in front of him and there is no need to waste a year of eligibility.

The 2009 Class is very talented however, I only see Orson Charles, Marlon Brown, and Branden Smith contributing in 2010 - barring no one gets injured of course. We'll see plenty of these guys in the few years after this season, but Charles, Brown, and Smith are not only needed at their positions, they are also physical specimens who can get by off talent alone. Charles will line up at a few positions and Marlon Brown could supplant himself as the second or third receiver on the team. Look for Branden Smith to see some action in nickel packages and may get a chance to return kicks and line up on the offensive side of the ball. Don't be surprised if Aaron Murray gets a look if the Dawgs expectations are deflated early in the season. Also, Rantavious Wooten has been talked about around camp as well and Georgia can always use another receiver. It should be an interesting year for true freshman in Athens.

Definitely: Orson Charles, Arthur Lynch, Brandon Smith, Marlon Brown, Montez Robinson, and Rantavious Wooten
Maybe (depending on injuries): Abry Jones, Chase Vasser, Mike Gilliard, Aaron Murray
Scout Team Heros/Not This Year: A. Long, C. Burnette, D. Lee, D. Lott, J. Love, K. Geathers, S. Williams, W. Ealey, Z. Mettenberger

Right off the bat, I'd say that Austin Long, Chase Vasser, Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, Derrick Lott, Kwame Geathers, Washaun Ealey and Zach Mettenberger are virtual locks to redshirt. Of this group, probably Ealey and Vasser have the best shots to see the field, but I'd say those are long shots, at best. You'd be sick about repeating the mistake you made redshirting Knowshon; however, the depth chart at running back just doesn't seem conducive to burning Ealey's redshirt. The guys that will definitely play and play a lot are: Arthur Lynch, Branden Smith, Marlon Brown, Orson Charles, and Rantavious Wooten. All five of these guys will see a good bit of action on offense, defense and special teams. So that leaves Aaron Murray, Abry Jones, Jordan Love, Michael Gilliard, Montez Robinson and Shawn Williams. I think Murray redshirts (assuming no injuries to Cox or Gray). Jones will redshirt, but not because he can't play. He'd play any other year, but the 3-deep at d-tackle is just rock solid. I actually think that Gilliard, Robinson and Williams will all play. I think Robinson will get a look at end where playmakers are desperately needed, and Gilliard and Williams will play on special teams. I'm up in the air about Love, but for now, I'd say he redshirts.