Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Well, I guess I forgot to do my top 10 last week, though I really wish I'd have forgotten to do it this week. Last weekend was very tough to watch. In the preseason I predicted we'd come up short against South Carolina, but I based that on a couple rookie mistakes from Murray and a couple big plays given up by the new defense. Neither of those things happened, yet we still didn't win the game. It was very disconcerting to see that South Carolina was the more physical team and seemed to 'want it more.' Hopefully, we get good news this morning and get AJ back for this weekend, and we can go out and right the ship against Arkansas. Anyway, I guess I'll make a feeble attempt at a top 10 here.

  1. Alabama - Well duh.

  2. Ohio State - I hate Ohio State, but if not them who?

  3. Oklahoma - Utah State seemed to be a much stronger challenger than Florida State. No one wins in Norman.

  4. Boise State - Nice little team. Too bad their signature win just fell to 0-2 against James Madison.

  5. Texas - We won't really know much about Texas until October.

  6. Oregon - I'm not a believer in Tennessee this year, but the Ducks did travel all the way across the country and beat an SEC team in their house. That (plus the 72 points from week 1) has to count for something.

  7. Stanford - They haven't really proven anything except that they can beat the teams they're supposed to beat. The first two weeks in October they go to Oregon and play USC back to back.

  8. LSU - They haven't been overly impressive, but they're 2-0 and have talent. Good enough to come ahead of any other team at this point.

  9. Nebraska - Their season begins and ends with Texas on October 16th.

  10. South Carolina - I'm not so sure USCe has the depth to sustain the inevitable injuries that come with the smash-mouth football they played against UGA. But there's no denying the talent of guys like Lattimore, Jeffery, Gurley, Matthews, Gilmore, etc. Their biggest games left are @ Auburn, Bama, Arkansas and @ Florida. If they can somehow split those, they'll finally get their chance at an SEC crown.

11-15: Florida, Iowa, TCU, Wisconsin and Arkansas. Florida has 2 weeks to work out their issues before things really start heating up. Yeah, Iowa, TCU and Wisconsin are probably pretty good. They just don't move the meter much for this SEC homer. We'll find out a lot about Arkansas (and UGA also for that matter) this weekend in Athens.