Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

For the 3 people that might visit my site, I can save your worry - I am still alive and kicking. January 31st was WAY too long ago for my last blawg, but life's been pretty dang busy lately so I just haven't had much chance to sit down and write. But, I'm excited about this week, so I'm making some time right now ... This upcoming weekend is DawgNight baby!! For UGA recruitniks DawgNight has become the most exciting period of the year, save maybe signing day - maybe. DawgNight 2011 was absolutely EPIC with UGA nabbing 5 high profile commitments including one of the crown jewels of the 2012 class in 5 star John Theus, a QB of the future in 2013 Brice Ramsey and a speedy running back of the distant future in 2014 Stanley BOOM Williams. Also committing that night was Ramsey's buddy from South Carolina, Tramel Terry. Terry's still with the Dawgs now, but decommitted under intense pressure there in South Carolina only to reaffirm to the good guys in March. The 5th commit of DawgNight 2011 was a big surprise with Florida jumbo running back Derrick Henry pledging to the Dawgs. Henry remained loyal to the Dawgs until just recently and now appears to be Bama-bound. Definitely disappointing that the kid appears to be being lured away, but best of luck to him and either way, the Dawgs will be A-OK! So now after that brief recap of 2011, I ask ... can DawgNight 2012 possibly be any better than DawgNight 2011??

The answer: DEFINITELY! I'm reading as many as 4 commits may fall this weekend and, no doubt, additional ground will be paved for future commitments as well. Who might be getting the patented Mark Richt commitment hug? Well, my guess is Quincy Mauger (will be there with his mom and will likely earn an offer) - and don't be mistaken about Mauger, he is a good enough safety prospect to earn his offer on his own. Gaining his commitment will likely solidify his teammate and friend Brendan Langley, but this is not a 'Cootieship'. Speaking of safeties, I also think we gain the commitment of JUCO target Shaq Fluker. That's 2 top safeties to accompany the stud DBs we already have on board (Shaq, Tray, Nelson, Wilkerson and JJ) - looking like an incredible DB haul this year! Now, 2 commits ... how about a couple big men - Kelsey Griffin and DeVondre Seymour. Griffin is out of nearby Hoschton and recently named the Dawgs his leader. He's very quick for a big man (allegedly runs a 4.7 40!) and, unless he outgrows the position, would seem to fit nicely at defensive end in the 3-4 scheme. Seymour is the cousin/adopted son of former UGA All-American, NFL All-Pro and Super Bowl champion Richard Seymour. He plays on the opposite side of the ball, but you gotta love those blood-lines!! Those would be 4 awesome guys to get on board, but that might not be it. Watch out also for LB Tim Kimbrough, and even outside changes that stud RB Alvin Kamara and Langley could commit. And of course, you just never know about future classes - we could see guys like Raekwon McMillan (2014 stud LB) or Bo Scarbrough (2014 stud RB) or even a 2015 guy commit.

That would be one helluva DawgNight for sure, but that certainly won't be the end of it. I fully expect for Tray Matthews, Shaq Wiggins, Alvin Kamara, and yes, current Bama commit Reuben Foster to announce their intentions to play together at UGA before the start of their senior football seasons. All signs point to Langley announcing to UGA at the Corky Kell Classic (further solidified if his buddy Mauger does in fact opt for the good guys). With UGA leading as well for OT Laremy Tunsil, OT Trenton Brown and TE Josh McNeil and still high on the list for super-stud d-lineman Montravius Adams, this class could redefine "Dream Team"!!