Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

10. Scam Newton - Do you really think a 21-year old kid can focus when academic institutions, media outlets, and opposing fans are throwing scandal after scandal into the forefront? He says it isn't a distraction but seriously, dealing with off-the-field issues even for a few seconds is enough to lose focus on the next opponent. He may still play like Superman come Saturday but his cage is going to be just a tad more rattled after hearing all of the personal accusations everywhere he turns. It's most likely a conspiracy against him but it's still fodder that is fogging his mind right now, no matter what he tells us.

9. Quatro in a row - Could it be Cinco de Auburn? Could be. Remember, Georgia has beaten Auburn four years in a row. Yes, they have Cameron Newton instead of Chris Todd but it's still a tough challenge to beat a team that has owned them for a little while now. Say what you want against Florida, but Mark Richt is 6-3 against Auburn and two of those losses were at the last second. Like Georgia Tech, Richt has had Auburn's number since he's arrived in Athens.

8. Away Sweet Away - As of recently, the away team usually has the edge in this rivalry. In 2001, Auburn beat Georgia on the road, in 2002 Georgia beat Auburn on the road, in 2005 it was Auburn over Georgia again, and 2006 and 2008 have gone to Georgia in Auburn. Analyzing the trend and Georgia should expect to win this game. They've never been intimidated going into Jordan-Hare, a huge Georgia fanbase usually follows because of the short drive, and a rivalry always means you should throw out the record books. If where this game is played makes any difference, the outcome may shock the world but won't shock the community.

7. Confidence is sexy - Say what you will about the quality of the teams Georgia has been playing over the last month, but 4 out of 5 wins from a team left for dead at 1-4 is enough to say this team may finally be playing the way everyone expected at the beginning of the season. The Florida loss has surprisingly been a confidence booster for the Dawg Nation, even if it was heartbreaking, because it showed this team isn't ready to quit. Expect Georgia to come in with more swagger than they did for the Florida game because I think for once in almost two months, they feel they can compete against any team in the country.

6. Hey John Schnatter! - Kids love pizza and what better way to earn it than try to play for it. Who says the Dawgs have nothing to play for? Another trip to Kentucky, extra football practice, and FREE PIZZA at the Papa Johns Bowl for 18-22 year olds is like finding matching socks in the dryer from a 34-year old who's running late for work. It's a dream come true!

5. Meyer-zuma's Revenge - Murray and AJ Green knew they had beaten Florida but the score didn't prove it at the end of the game. With a bitter taste in both of their mouths, the Dawgs can finally grab the token win they've been searching for this year. And a big one it would be. Aaron Murray is starting to settle in as a seasoned quarterback and I think he's starting to understand what he has to do to win at the end of the game. If the Auburn game is close, I'm confident he won't throw this one away. AJ Green is considered the best wide receiver in the country. He's supposed to be the X-Factor that keeps a defense honest. But since he's been in Athens, what signature win does he have? Most people think he doesn't need a big game in a big game but I think AJ Green will tell you that he does. It's time to show the world you're ready for the NFL. What better way to secure your legacy in Athens than a big-time performance over a 10-0 rival. I think he knows what this game will mean to the fans and the program and I think he'll get it done.

4. Twenty aught six - I know, I know. There is a big difference between Brandon Cox and Cameron Newton but Auburn was still a top 5 team rolling into the back-half of the season and winning impressively until the road to the BCS took a sudden turn at home in November by a 4-loss Georgia team with a freshman quarterback. See a pattern here? Three picks by Tra (Trah) Battle was the difference in the 37-17 win and if Georgia can win the turnover battle in this one again, who knows what can happen?

3. SpyCam - I know you can't stop Cameron, but I'm not sure if any defense has tried a spy to at least contain Newton. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't but matchups are always the rage in the NFL. Moss versus Revis, Abraham versus Thomas, Peyton versus Brady. I've got one for you in this game, Justin Houston versus Cameron Newton. Grantham knows a ton more than I do about defenses but possibly making Justin Houston a spy to target Cameron Newton on every play is worth a shot. I think Saban will do this with Hightower next week and what else do you have to lose? Houston leads the SEC in sacks, has the versatility to play almost anywhere on the field, and he plays his best when he's allowed to fly around and follow the ball. We know Newton will have the ball 85% of the time, so why not allow Houston the freedom to go after him on every play? Could work.

2. Too busy Ironing - If Auburn is looking at Georgia as your typical 5-5 team, the Bulldogs will have a great chance to pull off the unthinkable. And I think they may be looking ahead to the Iron Bowl with Alabama in two weeks. Don't sleep on the Bulldogs. They may not have a record worth mentioning at the coffee shop but they have the makings of a team that is very close to turning this thing around...even if it's too late. Auburn is constantly being told they are the best team in the country and I'll explain the reality of that in my no. 1 reason. But until then, Auburn had better look at themselves in the mirror and know they can't win every game 42-40. Meaning, they aren't as good as they are being told by the national media. If they lay down for a single week, they will lose. I think this is the week they feel they have earned the SEC West and that screams trouble. Remember, this is still the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry and both teams have always struggled to clinch their division when it comes down to this game.

1. Every Dawg has his day - Let's face it, Auburn is 10-0 but they could be 6-4. I mean, 17-14 over MSU, 27-24 over Clemson, South Carolina 35-27, Kentucky 37-34, and LSU 24-17 are wins indeed but they aren't exactly impressive wins. Most of these victories were in comeback fashion, too. Even the Arkansas game was close until the end. I'll give credit to Auburn, they have found ways to win but lauding them as the 1985 Chicago Bears is a little much. They've had a ton of luck on their side and I've never seen one team get through a full season rubbing the rabbit's foot as much as they do. Eventually, they are going to have to beat a quality team for 60 minutes. Until then, I think the Auburn luck has run out. On the other hand, Georgia hasn't been blown out this year. Woo-hoo! That's a moral victory for Georgia fans over the last four years. They've also had a season of bad luck, in my opinion. They controlled their own destiny at the end of the Arkansas game, they clearly outplayed Colorado but somehow blew the game at the end, and I won't even get into the Florida game but we know what should have been the outcome in that one. Any team sleeping on Georgia is going to get a rude awakening. They aren't a typical 5-5 team as they could be 8-2 with a little of the luck Auburn has been given this season. Georgia has the talent to matchup against Auburn and the confidence to pull it off. Eventually, Auburn's luck will run out and Georgia is bound to have a little come their way.

Come Saturday, the dawg will have his day or it will be another dawgday afternoon. I expect the Georgia to show up and pull off the upset and I'll be eating Papa Johns (with breadsticks and extra garlic butter) when it happens.