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I hate to jump all over a kid for one foolish, isolated (from most accounts) decision, but I just can't help this one. Most well-informed recruit-niks would tell you that Deion Bonner was (and had been for quite some time) a 'silent' commitment to UGA. He had publicly stated that he wanted to play for the same college team as his former high school teammate Isaiah Crowell, so connecting the dots wasn't exactly rocket science. Well, apparently, NOT stealing from future teammates IS rocket science to Bonner because his [alleged] actions are just mind-blowing. Anyway, clearly, Bonner will never play for UGA, so I thought I'd take a quick look at how this might impact our incoming recruiting class.

Currently, we have Brandon Boykin (Sr), Branden Smith (Jr), Jordan Love (RSo), Derek Owens (So), and possibly Sanders Commings (Jr) depending on where he lands between corner and safety. Hitting the scene this fall will be Nick Marshall, Damian Swann and Devin Bowman. That means we'll have 7-8 scholarship corners on the roster this fall, with only 1 expected to be lost for 2012 (Boykin to graduation). Even if we assume we lose 1 more body due to early entry (potentially Smith, though I don't think he'll be physically ready) or grades or behavior or something else, that still leaves 5-6 players competing in 2012. Yes, we were counting on Bonner to sign in February, but, to me, those numbers don't scream out for immediate attention. Contrary to what's being said publicly, I believe Geno Smith will ink with UGA. That means UGA probably only needs 1 more corner in this class. That slot could be filled with Yuri Wright (offer) out of New Jersey, Josh Holsey (not yet offered) our of Fairburn, or Jonathan Jones (not yet offered) out of Carrollton. But, my wish is that we beat out Auburn and sign Travis Blanks from Tallahassee. Blanks is listed by most recruiting services as a safety, but Lakatos likes bigger corners so it seems he might be in the Sanders Commings mold - able to play either position depending on future needs. Below is Blanks' junior highlight film: