Bama (Natl Champ)
Alabama Crimson Tide (National Championship)
L, 23-26

Several years ago I did a weekly top 10, and I think I'm going to try to resurrect that this season. I certainly don't claim to be an expert on teams not named Georgia and even less for teams outside the southeast. So, expect to see a lot of Georgia and SEC bias in my rankings, but overall, I'll attempt to use some objective logic in ranking teams on a national basis.

It's amazing this year how many teams at the top of the rankings have serious concerns. Whether its Alabama trying to replace their entire defense, Florida replacing Saint Tebow and their defense, Ohio State dealing with inconsistency from Pryor or Boise State trying to prove they belong, every team seems fatally flawed. Of course, as with any college football season, this top 10 below will probably only mildly resemble the top 10 in early January. On to the rankings...

  1. Bammer - They get the nod by default. I don't think they're worthy of a #1 ranking, but I don't think anyone else is either. I will say that McElroy, Ingram and Richardson is the best backfield in the nation.

  2. The Smurfs - Seriously? An SEC homer just ranked Boise State #2 in the nation? Yep. No one deserves it more. They return basically everyone from a 14-0 2009 team (albeit they played no one of relevance all year). Don't worry though. The Broncos will drop out of real contention when they lose to...

  3. The Hokies - That's right. Va Tech will dump Boise on Sept 6th. Unfortunately, I think VT is talented enough to stay this high, but flashes of brilliance will be accompanied by flashes of incompetence for Tyrod Taylor and will cost Tech at least 2 games.

  4. Ohio State - I looked for every excuse possible to drop them further down the top 10. Unfortunately they look pretty loaded and, unless you really believe in Iowa or Wisconsin (which I don't), they'll have their yearly breeze through the Big 10 and into a BCS bowl.

  5. Boomer Sooner - Demarco Murray's pretty good. Ryan Broyles is definitely an SEC-caliber weapon. Landry Jones is obviously a very confident dude to rock that 80's stache like he does. Okay, don't know anyone else that plays for Oklahoma. They'll win the Big 12 er 10 er XII.

  6. The Gayturds - Yeah, yeah, yeah, Urban Meyer, 5-star recruits, Brantley's gonna be better than Tebow, whatever. Hope they lose 6, but really do believe they lose 3 (Bama, UGA and Florida State).

  7. Texas - Don't know squat about the Longhorns except (1) they always have great recruiting classes, (2) Mack Brown and Will Muschamp are great coaches and (3) Gilbert really showed a lot of talent and poise stepping in for McCoy in the title game last year. Those 3 things are good enough for a top 10 ranking.

  8. Da U - I put Jacory Harris right there with Tyrod Taylor and just behind Terrelle Pryor. All three show flashes of Heisman worthy greatness, and then next thing you know they throw a pick-6. Freakin Allen Bailey. He'd be a BEAST at end in Grantham's 3-4 this year.

  9. How bout 'em? - HOMER ALERT! To be honest, there are way too many question marks to warrant ranking the Dawgs this high right now, but I truly believe we are this good. Most are taking a "prove-it-first" approach to Aaron Murray and the defense's transition. I 100% believe both will "prove it."

  10. Nebraska - No energy whatsoever with this pick. My 11-15 would include (in no particular order) Florida State, Auburn, LSU, Wisconsin and TCU. Put Nebraska and those teams in a hat and pick one and I'm fine with that being the #10 team.

Glaring omissions: Iowa, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Pitt, Penn State. I'd say all are Top 25 worthy, but I'm just not believing in them enough to put them in the top 10-15 right now. Guess you could say I'm taking a "prove-it-first" approach to these teams.