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I recently added a new piece to the site that allows you to see our current scholarships players and manipulate various categories of attrition. This allows you to guess at scholarships numbers and position needs for the upcoming recruiting class. You can get to the new page by clicking on the '2012 Recruits' link in the menu then clicking on the link in the 'Scholarship Analysis' section, or simply click here.

The way I see it, I think we will have about 21 scholarships available for the 2012 recruiting class. With 2 open ships and 14 seniors, we're currently sitting at 16 available ships. I don't think we renew Ty Frix's scholarship, and I personally believe W. Ealey, O. Charles and B. Rambo will jump to the NFL (not saying I think they should, just saying I think they will). I also think C. Thomas will transfer or leave the program, so that gets us to 21. I won't speculate about academic or behavioral attrition, but history has proven that there are always casualties of this nature. So even if some of my NFL/transfer predictions don't come true, I think 21 is a pretty reasonable target. Now, based on needs, I think the 21 will break down something like: QB: 0-1; RB/FB: 2-3; WR: 3-4; TE: 2; OL 2-3; DL: 2-3; OLB: 2-3; ILB: 2; CB: 2; S: 1; K: 1 - that is 19-25 scholarships. A great point was made on another board I follow that Ramik Wilson and Kent Turene were largely unknown at this point last year. There will be many prospects emerge through summer camps and strong senior seasons, so there are likely UGA targets that have yet to even surface. Having said that, below is my projected 2012 UGA class as it stands today:

QB - Greyson Lambert is the only target here, and I don't think he's UGA bound. Projected signees: None (0 QB; 0 Total)

RB - Most believe Keith Marshall (likely #1 RB in the nation) and Quayvon Hicks (offered as a fullback) are already silent commits. I'd like to think we will take another RB; a power back, but trying to stick to 21 ships means I don't have room. Projected signees: Marshall and Hicks (2 RB; 2 Total)

WR - We already have commitments from CJ Curry and Lonnie Outlaw. I'd really like to have Cordarelle Patterson (JUCO), but if we can land Nelson Agholor he'll play receiver for us. I'm going to be optimistic and count Agholor, but if he goes elsewhere Patterson will probably fill this spot. Projected signees: Curry, Outlaw and Agholor (3 WR; 5 Total)

TE - Ty Smith is committed and Ricky Parks (#1 TE in nation according to 24/7) is a lifelong UGA fan. With White graduating and Charles potential leaving early, we need both. Projected signees: Smith and Parks (2 TE; 7 Total)

OL - John Theus is a top 10 player nationally and with his brother hitting Athens this fall, most believe he's a silent commitment. I think we need 2 additional lineman, and right now, the most likely guys are Joe Harris and Cody Waldrop. Projected signees: Theus, Harris and Waldrop (3 OL; 10 Total)

DL - One of the most important pieces of this class is Jonathan Taylor at nose guard. John Atkins could grow into the nose or play end, and Jalen Fields is already committed at end. I think Pat Gamble and Jordan Watkins could easily end up in Athens, but as of now, I'm going with just Taylor, Atkins and Fields. Projected signees: Fields, Taylor and Atkins (3 DL; 13 Total)

OLB - OLB is another area where we are hot on several very talented prospects. Right now, I'm going to say we get Josh Dawson, Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins. Jenkins is the most likely to end up elsewhere, but I'm hoping he ends up in Red & Black. Also, Josh Clemons is very high on the Dawgs, but I'm going to count him as an inside backer.Projected signees: Dawson, Floyd and Jenkins (3 OLB; 16 Total)

ILB - Inside linebacker is one of the positions that I think we will most likely see new names pop up this summer. For now, I'm going with Josh Clemons and James Deloach. Deloach is a package deal with Jonathan Taylor, so we have to find a spot for him somewhere. I'm not sure ILB is the right place, but it's where he's going...for now. Projected signees: Clemons and Deloach (2 ILB; 18 Total)

CB - Yes, I know Geno Smith named Bama his leader. Don't believe it. Ray Drew is mentoring Smith, so I don't expect him to say many nice things about UGA over the coming months, but I DO expect him to sign paperwork in February to UGA. With Bonner going clepto, I believe the second corner will be Travis Blanks.Projected signees: Smith and Blanks (2 CB; 20 Total)

S - I think we need at least 1 safety in this class, and I think there's a high likelihood that safety will be Chaz Elder. But, in the spirit of this exercise I'm trying to keep to my number of 21, so I just don't have room. If additional attrition happens to open up a 22nd ship, expect to see Elder come on board. Projected signees: None (0 S; 20 Total)

SPT - With Blair Walsh graduating, we've already secured a commitment from possibly the #1 kicker in the country - Marshall Morgan. Projected signees: Morgan (1 SPT; 21 Total)